Silicone Glass Bundle

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Silicone glass props (also known as Siliglass), are mainly used for the Film and TV industry, other special effects makeup, and even Police training.

This realistic, film-grade silicone glass bundle comes clear and both in shardes and shattered forms. The siliglass is reusable and for multiple time use. You can also break the siliglass with your fingers to make even smaller pieces.

Small Bundle:
- 25g glass shardes
- 25g shattered glass

Medium Bundle:
- 50g glass shardes
- 50g shattered glass

Large Bundle:
- 100g glass shardes
- 100g shattered glass

XL Bundle:
- 200g glass shardes
- 200g shattered glass

XXL Bundle:
- 400g glass shardes
- 400g shattered glass

Product Safety:

For health and safety reasons please do not put this sililgass in your mouth or the actor's mouth, as choking may occur. Store in a cool environment to reduce the silicone glass from sticking together.

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