Gorey Halloween Platter Decoration

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This Hyper Realistic Gorey Halloween Platter Decoration by ForensicFX Studios is designed for Halloween Parties, Special Events, Zombie Makeup, Film and TV, Special Effects Makeup (SFX). Use mainly for decorating your Halloween party table to scare your family and friends! It can also be used as a collective prop to display, or be given as a Halloween Gag Gift!

All individual items on this platter are reusable, and suit many other Halloween, Zombie, Film & TV, and Special Effects Makeup looks!

The Halloween Platter includes:
- Bloody Severed Toes (x5)
- Bloody Severed Fingers (x5)
- Bloody Brain Tissue / Matter
- Liquid Blood (50ml)
- Fake Moss
- Infected Maggots with Synthetic Pus Gel
- Creepy cockroaches

Please note: These items will not be glued on to the platter. You will have the joy to make your own Halloween platter using all those materials!

Product Safety:
All items included are NOT EDIBLE. Please do not place any of the items in your mouth. Safe to handle but do not ingest. 

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Website: www.forensicfxstudios.com