Gorey Halloween Bundle

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This highly realistic Gorey and Bloody Halloween Bundle by ForensicFX Studios features a range of hyper realistic fake props designed to make your halloween events more fun and scary!

These realistic props are usually made to be used for the Film and TV industry, general SFX makeup looks, and medical and first aid training. But they can also be used in Halloween season or given as a gag gift!

This Gorey Halloween Bundle includes:
- Bloody Severed Tongue Prop (x1)
- Bloody Severed Finger Prop Set (Set of 5)
- Bloody Severed Toe Props (x2)
- Bloody Brain Tissue/Matter (100g bloody bag with blue nitrile gloves)
- Bloody Bandages (x2)
- Fake Blood Bottle (100ml)
- Fake Blood Spray (100ml)

Product Safety:
Do not ingest or place any of these items in your mouth. Safe to handle, but toxic to place in mouth (for makeup/film purposes).