Brain Tissue Specimen Gift Kit

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This highly realistic Silicone Brain Tissue Specimen on Medical Tray Kit by ForensicFX Studios is designed mainly as a collective prop or gag gift. This is a great and fun gift for Medical students to play around with! It can also be used for general Special Effects makeup looks, Halloween and Zombie makeup, Medical and First Aid Training, and Police and Forensic/Crime Scene Training. 

This Kit includes:
- Bloody Silicone Brain Matter/Tissue (20g-25g)
- Metal Medical Tray Kidney Dish (x1)
- Medical Tweezers (x1)
- Medical Gauze Pads (x3)
- Latex free nitrile gloves (x1 pair)
- Fake liquid blood (10ml bottle)

The Brain Matter will come in a separate bag and will not be glued on to the Medical Tray, as this Kit is designed to be fun and played around with! 

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