Brown Snake Prop

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Hyper Realistic Rubber Snake Prop for Gag Gift, Halloween, Zombie Makeup, Cosplay, Film and TV, Movie Prop, or Scare your friends toy. 

This lifelike curled up snake prop is made out of hard rubber and stays in its shape as per the pictures. Scare your friends and prank them with this snake, put in the garden or bring it with you to school or an event! Purchase this as a Gag Gift or to put it in your house as a display item! 

You can also use this lifelike snake in Film and TV productions, where you have a desert themed movie, or need a snake in the background of the shot.
Please refer to photos for the size of the snake. It is approximately 15cm long.

Product Safety:
Do not put snake in mouth unless you have cleaned it with soap and water.